Special Events - 2022


2:00 – 3:00pm

BOOK READING by Author, Rupa Marya
Inflamed: Deep Medicine & the Anatomy of Injustice
According to physician, composer and activist Rupa Marya and political economist Raj Patel, our bodies, our societies, and our planet are inflamed. Inflammation is connected to everything—the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the diversity of the microbes living inside us, regulating everything from our brain’s development to our immune system’s functioning. It is connected to the traumatic events we experienced as children, as well as ecological destruction. It can also be the result of access (or lack thereof) to healthcare and the very models of healthcare that physicians practice. 

In their recent book, Inflamed: Deep Medicine & the Anatomy of Injustice, Marya and Patel reveal the links between health and structural injustices—and offer a new deep medicine to cool the burning in our bodies and on our planet. Putting that deep medicine into practice in the San Gregorio Watershed at the Te Kwe A’naa Warep (Honor Mother Earth) Farm–a joint project with Indigenous organization the Muchia Te’ Indigenous Land Trust and the Deep Medicine Circle–Marya is keen to walk down to the San Gregorio General Store to share her work with the local community. 

Join Rupa Marya as she illuminates the hidden relationships between our biological systems and our political and economic systems.

“A work of exhilarating scope and relevance to this infected moment in the body politic. Inflamed mixes medicine, argument, and metaphor into a post-pandemic poultice: reading it is the first step in the deep medicine it prescribes. What a rare and powerful experience to feel a book in your very body.”
―Naomi Klein, author of On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal

Holiday schedule - 2022

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“One day, half of the people in here are going to arrest the other half.”
– A. Vermillious Wormcan